Walk and explore Golfito town

Take a walk to the new marina project in town and see how it develops.

Golftio Marina Village is situated in the western part of town, close to the main harbor. 

Although the project is far from finished, you can already enjoy a good meal at their restaurant La Playa,

or just enjoy the sunset with an exotic drink in your hand.

In the main building you also find a store for fishing enthusiasts called Tackle and Bait.

If you want to rent a car there is an office for that here as well

Bella Vista is the name of this neighborhood you find close to the store Mega Super, just behind the 

basketball court and soccer field stadium. A typical example of houses that was built by the company United fruit

during the banana era. The houses were built between the late 30´s and mid 40´s.

This area has some hills to walk, but it´s worth doing it!

The road at the top, next to the jungle, has a really nice view over the bay.

Also, try to find the original houses that never was renovated.