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Reservation Policies


In consideration of the mutual promises and arrangements made, the owner of the Rental (Property) or its agents agree to rent to the Renter the Property, under the following terms and conditions:

RESERVATIONS can be made online, or by calling our reservations desk during regular office hours. Online booking or in person booking requires the acceptance of these terms and conditions.  Our standard policy for rentals require a 50% Advance Payment for reservations made 31 days or more prior to the arrival date or 100% payment for reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date.  On occasion for convenience or other considerations advance payments are waived, but this in no way implies that all policies for deposit, cancellation or final payment are not applicable or enforceable.

PAYMENTS AND BALANCE DUE: The total rental Amount is due at time of booking on reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date. An advance payment is due at time of booking on reservations made 31 days or more prior to the arrival date and 2nd payment balance is due thirty days prior to the arrival date. Rental charges and balance due are authorized to be made to the PayPal system which may be used at time of booking. Personal checks are accepted for the initial payment, no less than sixty days prior to arrival. Vista Villa Vacation Rentals shall have the right, without further notification, to deem the reservation cancelled without refund of advance payments if the final payment is not received when due.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Renters may be required to pay a Security Deposit with the final payment or at check in. You must immediately notify management of damages or losses during your occupancy. Management will inspect the Property upon Renter departure and may deduct or bill any costs for damages, repairs, extraordinary cleaning, or replacements beyond normal wear and tear.  Negligent acts or willful misconduct that put the property, management, or others at inconvenience or risk may have costs that can be applied or taken from the security deposit.  Under normal conditions no deductions or charges are made beyond the rental rate initially quoted. The Security Deposit, less any charges, shall typically be refunded to the Renter at departure or in special cases within forty-five days (45) of the departure date.
In cases where no security deposit has been posted, tenants must agree to "operate in good faith" in relationship to damages or losses during the term of their occupancy. In order to keep things in good condition, management has the right to assess issues as they arise and to notify tenants of intent to effect repairs for damages, procure replacements for losses or to make or contract repairs due to abnormal wear and tear, in excess of "normal", to the property or furnishings. It is made an explicit part of the rental agreements that tenants without security deposits do agree to pay the costs of above mentioned repairs, replacements and related workmanship promptly, not to exceed 15 day from notification of managements intent. Any negligence to pay in relationship to these costs or liabilities will be considered breech of agreement/contract and may be cause for eviction without refunds with clais and liabilities enforceable within the limits of law with all costs of such process going to the tenant.

ADVANCE RENT PAYMENTS, SECURITY DEPOSITS AND BALANCES: All payments are deposited into indicated PayPal, personal and/or corporate accounts. Non-refundable reservation fees and other applicable charges may be disbursed upon receipt. The disbursal of advance rent payment may be made upon the rental arrival date or a material breach of this Agreement,

TRANSFERS: Renter may transfer from one week to another within the same Property group only within one calendar year subject to availability. All requests for transfers must be made in writing and received, at least 60 days prior to arrival date. There will be a $50.00 transfer fee plus additional rent charges for transfer to a higher rate season. No refunds are paid if moving to a lower rate season.

TAXES and FEES: Applicable tax payments and processing fees or other applicable fees may be accessed in addition to advertised unit rate fees. Quotations for rental rates are in consideration of cash payments.   All applicable taxes and fees will be indicated and  included in the final quotation prior to the initial deposit.

PETS: No pets are permitted except in designated pet friendly rentals. Pets are strictly limited to one domestic adult dog unless by special agreement. No untrained puppies will be accepted. Due to limited yard areas and other appropriate and necessary considerations of management, only small or medium well trained animals will be permitted. Indoor cats are permitted by special arrangement only. There is a pet cleaning fee of $150.00 minimum required to be held for the final cleaning when the unit is vacated which will be refunded if no extraordinary damages, odors or special cleaning tasks are encountered.  Additionally, pet owners are fully responsible for additional costs/charges resulting from any type of pet damages during their tenancy including necessary routine outside yard clean up to assure a pleasant environment and tidy garden spaces. These charges for pet related issues are payable on demand - not at the end of occupancy. These charges may include but are not limited to overtime housekeeping and laundry costs, handyman repair fees and costs of materials and replacement or repairs to furnishings for destruction or unusual wear and tear. Management will consider all stress on the structure or furnishings due to pet chewing, clawing, shedding, indoor defication or odors resulting from the use of litter boxes or indoor urination to be issues that must be resolved promptly- not at the termination of tenancy. Specifically, pet urine inside the units MUST BE REPORTED TO MANAGEMENT IMMEDIATELY for prompt and appropriate treatment and deep cleaning to prohibit the irreversible permeation of odors into textiles, floors, walls and carpets. Use of provided kitchen or bath towels to clean pet accidents is strictly prohibited. In the event house pets are permitted upon the furniture by tenants, it is made a part of the rental agreement that appropriate slipcovers or throw covers such as large decorative bedspreads MUST be used at all times to fully cover and protect upholstery and linens. If renters do not have such covers management may provide them for the local retail cost of the covers. These covers will then become property of the renter and routine cleaning of them will be the responsibility or expense of the renter. Renters with pets must accept that multiple episodes of pet damages, especially where property is irreparably damaged, foul odors are chronic or urination inside a unit becomes an issue, it will be considered just cause and call for respectful eviction of the animal. In these events, animals must be relocated within 30 days of notice and this pet eviction in no way alters other rental agreements made. No type of refund on rentals will be given as a result of animal issues that are not controllable by management. IF AN UNAUTHORIZED OR UNREPORTED PET HAS BEEN IN ANY RENTAL, PET FRIENDLY OR NOT, THERE WILL BE A MINIMUM PENALTY CHARGE OF $250.00.

SMOKING: No smoking is permitted inside any Vacation Rental Property. If smoking occurs, a minimum $250.00 cleaning charge will be assessed.  All units are supplied with ashtrays and private outdoor patio/balcony areas where smoking is permitted.  The Vista Villa upper common balcony area is a smoke free zone. Please be respectful of other guests in this regard.

FAMILY OR GROUPS ONLY:   In the case of family or group rental a primary party must register as the “responsible renter”, taking full financial responsibility and liability for policies, damages and breaches of agreements.  This renter acknowledges that he/she is an adult of 18 years of age or older and shall personally occupy the Property for the entire rental period. Renter acknowledges he/she may not rent the Property for a non-family use i.e. as a high school, or college group or party.   All guests must be registered.  Only registered guests will be permitted on the property after 11PM unless by special management agreement.  If unauthorized habitation occurs a fee of no less than one night rental rate will be accessed in addition to any other damage assessments.  Vendors and solicitors of any kind are prohibited from entering the property. Please meet sales and delivery people at the street front ramp as much as is practical.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Overcrowding beyond the occupancy limit specified for the Property including children, may not be exceeded. All occupants must be registered and any additional guests will be considered “over occupancy”.   Renters will be subject to eviction, loss of any security deposit, additional cleaning charges, and entire rental payment if over-occupancy occurs.

FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT: Properties are individually decorated. Décor reflects the taste of the owner and varies unit to unit. Homes are equipped with dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, and basic appliances. Bed linens and towels are provided. Please be sure to pack any specialty items that you may require during your stay. Please contact management if you would like assistance with making any special arrangements.

AIR CONDITIONERS: Air conditioners are installed for use during warm weather in master bedrooms only.  Ceiling fans and auxiliary fans are additionally standard equipment.  For reasons of practicality and economy tenants are asked to maintain the bedroom or primary entry doors and windows closed while using the air conditioners.

SPECIAL HOUSE RULES:  In order to provide a pleasant environment and orderly presentation the Vista Villas have designed gardens, walk ways, patios and balconies as well as a gym, waterfront clubhouse and bay front deck for guest enjoyment. To the extent that the privacy or peace of other tenants is not disturbed, guests of the rentals are welcome to enjoy these amenities. Please clean up after yourselves. Do not bring the indoor furnishings into out door areas. Secure your personal items in your own unit when not in use. It is prohibited to hang any kind of towels, linens or laundry over the rails on patios or in the common areas.  All units are provided with a laundry drying rack and/or line and clips for this purpose and each unit has private areas where the rack can be set up. If towels are damp please call house keeping for a change of towel.  Further, in order to keep a uniform landscape and professional appearance as well as to keep a 'low profile' so as not to tempt theft, the furnishing or embellishment of front patios and decks are strictly prohibited.  No personal décor or valuable items may be displayed in the highly visible street front verandas.

CONDITION OF PROPERTY: All equipment in the Property should be in good working order and furnishings in clean and neat condition. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office immediately. Please report any spills upon, tears or breakage of furnishings as they occur so we have the opportunity to assist with clean up, repair or replacement promptly. Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain the Villas and furnishings in good repair with fully inoperative equipment. No refunds will be made for inconveniences resulting from inoperative air conditioners, appliances or mechanical failure. If a condition occurs that affects the habitability of the Property, management will make its best efforts to relocate Renter to another available rental property. If another rental property is not available to relocate Renter, then management will refund any unused days of the rental period.

DESCRIPTIONS AND RATES: Every rental property is priced according to condition and amenities to help with your selection. Every effort has been made to ensure that advertised property rates and descriptions are accurate; however, management is not liable for changes made to furnishings or equipment, or errors in descriptions.

VEHICLE PARKING:  Located on a hillside above the main marina boulevard of Golfito, this area does not provide easily for off street secure parking.  Guests are advised that all vehicles will need to use prudent on street parking parallel to the curb or in front of the Vista Villa properties. It is strongly recommended that all valuables be removed from automobiles and all normal security measures observed.  Management is not responsible for any losses or risks associated with on street parking.  If secure vehicle storage/parking is of utmost importance to a renter, private parties can be contracted for vehicle storage at a rate of $5 a night.  It is valuable to note that the unique and convenient location of the Vista Villas provides renters with economical taxi and/or bus services 24 hours a day.  Most conveniences are within walking distances.  The majority of Vista Villa renters enjoys the term of their tenancy without the burden or need for a vehicle while visiting Golfito. 

ITEMS LEFT BEHIND: Management is not responsible for articles lost, stolen or left behind in homes. Please double-check for personal items prior to your departure. There may be a return item fee to cover the cost of mailing and shipping of left behind items.

LOCKOFFS: Please respect locked closets, storage cabinets, and private patio areas. They are NOT INCLUDED as part of your rental.  Supplies and items stored are for exclusive use of the housekeeping and maintenance staff. 

RESTRICTIONS: Renters are required to abide by rules and regulations for the property in which they stay. A guest services guide is located in the property and includes applicable rules and regulations along with guidelines for the rental property use, check-out procedures, emergency numbers, and other pertinent information.

CHECK-IN: Arrival check-in is 2:00 PM on the arrival date. If you are unable to check-in before our offices close at 5PM, please call for late arrival instructions. You will be provided directions to the Property, key code or keys upon arrival and payment in full. In extreme situations check-in time may need to be extended for cleaning and maintenance. Renter shall not be on the Property prior to check-in time. Early arrivals may store baggage in management office.

CHECK-OUT: Check-out time is 11 AM on the date of departure. Please observe this rule as housekeeping staff needs time to prepare the Property for the next guests. RENTER MAY BE CHARGED UP TO ONE (1) ADDITIONAL NIGHT RENTAL IF PROPERTY IS OCCUPIED AFTER CHECK-OUT TIME. Upon leaving, please secure all windows and doors, wash dishes, and double check that all of your personal belongings are packed. Unless otherwise designated, keys should be returned to the management office. Other than normal housekeeping tasks, management expects renters to be responsible for leaving the Property in a like arrival condition upon departure. If your rental requires extra cleaning, moving of furniture, or any type of refurbishing because it is left in a condition unlike arrival, you may be charged an additional fee.

DAMAGE AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Damages occurring during the occupancy, including lost keys, lost safe keys, TV remote controls, and broken dishes or equipment are the Renter’s responsibility and must be reported to management immediately.  Damage due to normal use or failure under normal conditions will not be the liability of a renter.  Keys will be issued at check-in. There is a $25.00 per key charge for each item not returned. If the cost of the damage repair or replacement is undeterminable by the time of departure, the Renter shall remain responsible for such costs and agrees to pay promptly by PayPal or check upon demand.  Please do not wait until check-out to report problems.

INSPECTION AND REPAIRS: Access for the repair or replacement of fixtures, appliances, furnishings and equipment may be made by management during the rental period. Access to the rentals is given to housekeeping and other staff during normal business hours for purposes of maintenance and client service.

LIMITATIONS OF REMEDIES, DAMAGES AND INDEMNITY a) In the event of fire, eminent domain, act of nature, delay in maintenance, or any other reason whatsoever, Renter agrees that Vista Villa Vacation Rentals, its agent or owner’s sole liability as a result of any such condition is a refund of the prorated rental for each day Renter is unable to use the property. b) Renter understands that there are inherent risks associated with any property, including risks associated with the use of equipment, kayaks, garden areas, paths, barbeques, etc. Renter represents and certifies that he/she is thoroughly familiar with the proper use of the Property, including any appurtenances, fixtures and equipment in and upon the premises. Renter shall be responsible for Renter’s guests and group members. Renter agrees to release and indemnify the Owner and Vista Villa Vacation Rentals from and against all liability or loss should anyone be injured upon the premises during the rental period resulting from any cause whatsoever, except in the case of a personal injury caused by the negligent act of the Owner. Renter further agrees that Renter is responsible and liable for, and will pay upon request any damages that occur to the Property or any portion thereof due to Renter’s or his/her guest’s misuse, or negligent use of the Property or any portion thereof. c) Renter shall not be entitled to any refund or rebate due to delay in check-in, early check-out, unfavorable weather, temporary disruption of utility services, malfunctioning or dissatisfaction with equipment/appliances/furnishings or condition of property, construction and associated noise. d) Renter agrees to hold Owner harmless of any liability for injury or damage resulting from accident, injury, or loss of enjoyment resulting from weather, inoperable appliances, or equipment.

TERMINATION If Renter or any member of his/her rental group violates the terms of this Agreement, then management may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement with no refund of the unused portion of rent and may enter the premises and remove Renter, the members of his/her group and their belongings. A material breach of this Agreement shall include, but is not limited to public disturbances, irresponsible behavior, inappropriate noise levels or  the carless and reckless use of the Property.

CANCELLATIONS: In the event of a cancellation, notice must be given in writing via email to: and proof of your date stamped email should be retained for renter reference.  If a vacation reservation is cancelled sixty-one (61) days prior to the arrival date, one hundred (100) percent of the rental amount, less a cancellation fee of $50 will be refunded. If cancelled between thirty-one (31) days and sixty (60) days prior to arrival date, fifty percent (50) of the rental amount, less the reservation and cancellation fee will be refunded. There are no refunds for reservations cancelled within thirty (30) days of the arrival date.  In the event management is able to fill a cancellation with a like booking for the same period, an additional 25 percent off any accessed cancellation fees or penalties will be refunded.   These cancellation policies do not specifically apply to long term or seasonal rental agreements and details of those policies are individual and to industry standards, but should be discussed with management. Cancellations on long term rentals may include the forfeit of deposits and a penalty of no less than one months rent. Damages and costs to management for cancellation on long term agreements will be calculated and assessed on an individual basis.

Thank you for making your reservation with Vista Villa Vacation Rentals. We are confident compliance with these policies, terms, and conditions will help all guests have a safe and enjoyable vacation/tenancy in Golfito.  It is essential that our renters read and understand all rules, charges, and fees that may be levied and accept and authorize management of the rentals to charge and collect any fee due resulting from violations to this Agreement. The request for a reservation and subsequent booking confirmation from Vista Villa Vacation Rentals will be considered as full acceptance of these terms and policies herein described.  xxxxxxx