Take a Taxi Boat to Playa Puntarenitas 

Enjoy a beach day at Playa Puntarenitas located at the entrance to Golfito harbor - A quaint and remote getaway. This locally popular area is great for a refreshing swim in the cool waters along the inlet of the bay.  Take a walk on soft sand around to the Golfo Dulce side of the island and simply lay in the sun along the shore or take advantage of a beach lounger or a hammock offered where the cold beers and sodas are sold. Pack your snacks or enjoy a delicious lunch prepared on a wood-burning stove by any of the several rustic restaurants along the coast.  Fully functional the old fashion way, there is no electricity on this small primitive spit of land...but you won't miss it.  From this island-side vantage point you will experience breathtaking views of Golfitos forested mountain ridge and see a whole different picturesque perspective of the local marinas and bay shores.   Keep in mind that restaurants receive Cash Only. You can get there by taking a 5 minute taxi boat from the Muellecito Dock in town.  (Details below) If you're planning on lunch and a swim, a minimum of 2 hours beach time is suggested. 

How To Get There

The Muellecito Dock - in the center of town near the gas station and the 'Tourist Information' center is the place you can locate a taxi boat for services to Playa Puntarenitas on the island. 

Boats operate independently and may offer you a private ride or combine you with others going to the same destination.  

Hailing a Taxi Boat -  Find the smaller 'panga' boats (generally to the right of the little muellecito restaurant) and simply ask for a taxi to Puntarenitas. Best to agree on your price in advance. The typical fare is c1,000/person one way with a c4,000 minimum.  It's convenient to arrange a time for your return taxi boat trip at drop off as well.

What to Bring/Wear:

  • Hat and Sunglasses
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Sandals 
  •  Towel
  •  Bug Spray
  •  Swimwear or Beach Casual
  •  Waterproof Bag optional 
  •  Camera optional 
  • Colones