Golfito, Costa Rica


Taxi Boat to Playa Puntarenitas 

Enjoy a 'Beach Day' at Playa Puntarenitas located at the entrance to Golfito Bay. A quaint little beach for cooling off, walking on soft sand, laying in a hammock and enjoying a delicious lunch prepared on a wood-burning stove. Although there is no electricity on this small spit of land, you won't miss it with the breathtaking views and a cold beer in hand. Cash Only. You can get there by taking a 5 minute taxi boat from the Muellecito Dock in town. It will cost you C1,000/person with 4 people, and it's a good idea to arrange your pick up as well, unless you have a local number & can exchange info that way. If you're planning on lunch and a swim, a minimum of 2 hours is suggested. 

How To Get There

The Muellecito Dock - to the left is where you catch a ferry to Puerto Jimenez, to the right is where you catch a taxi boat to Puntarenitas 

Hailing a Taxi Boat - walk towards the boats and simply ask for a ride to Puntarenitas, establishing your price in advance. The typical (and fair) price is c4,000 one way. 

What to Bring/Wear:

  •  Colones
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Sandals 
  •  Towel
  •  Bug Spray
  •  Swimwear 
  •  Waterproof Bag optional 
  •  Camera optional