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Marina Vista Villas
Vacation Rentals

Golfito, Costa Rica        Lat 8° 

Vacation rentals in the heart of Golfito

        Welcome to the Marina Vista Villas - A collection of modern yet charming, comfortable, fully furnished rentals in the quaint port town center overlooking the Golfito Bay.  Our "Warm Alternative to Hotel Living" is embraced for it's true feeling of a 'home away from home".  We are centrally located, within easy reach of all that Golfito Area and the Golfo Dulce have to offer.   Whether you are planning a quick overnight, a week end get-away, a full week of area exploration, a month of retreat or a full season of immersion into living as a 'local' .... we have great options and all inclusive rates that are hard to beat. 

        Our unique and varied selection of accommodations treat travelers and seasonal residents in a personal style - taking them out of typical hotels and cookie cutter establishments... inviting them to be hosted in their own private and well appointed home.  Selections are equipped with the amenities our guests consider most important including WIFI, air conditioning, hot water showers, well appointed kitchens, housekeeping and laundry services.   Check out our reviews to learn what guests are saying about us.


About Your Hosts

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Katie Duncan arrived to Costa Rica while traveling aboard the sailing vessel 'Caribbee', pleasure cruising with Captain Tim Leachman.  With no previous thought to making a home abroad or settling permanently outside their home town of Santa Barbara, California, their cruise down the pacific coast was only meant to be a short escape - a season of fun on the ocean. But something magical happened during those first weeks at anchor in the port town of Golfito . The beautifully calm natural harbor, the verdant green and fantastical sounds of the surrounding jungle, the welcoming bustle of a quaint port town on shore.... It all conspired to lure them into staying longer than planned. One thing led to another and opportunities just kept presenting themselves. The chance for mortgage free property ownership, an easy infrastructure for setting up a business and realizing the dream of self employment,  the lure of a more casual lifestyle among a culture of practical and economical living....  Yes, a life with this kind of adventure and joy was too tempting not to embrace!   In Katie's words, "there was never a question- I loved Golfito from the moment we pulled into port. It just took a few years to really see and  believe that we could make choices to stay and that we could succeed!  It's an incredibly bold thing to take a new and unconventional route in life, but not nearly as difficult as one might imagine.  Yes, there were challenges along the way. But  looking back on it, overcoming the obstacles  often made the journey even more exciting and brought more satisfaction and rewards than could have ever been anticipated."  
        Sharing the fun, the experiences and the expertise gained over the past 30 years is Katie's vocation - and so obviously her pleasure! Katie and a team of competent people working along with her at Land Sea Services are very well equipped  with the experience and ability to guide you into your adventures, assisting you along the journey!

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