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Tours and Golfito Attractions

     Great adventures and plenty of opportunity for exploration wait here in Golfito and the Golfo Dulce areas of Southern Costa Rica. To discover more information about the South Pacific go to Independent travelers and curious minds will find plenty to keep them entertained and occupied in the surrounding communities and wilderness areas. For those who want to learn more, experienced guides can lead you into the rainforest and over the waterways, providing great fun and a wealth of information.
     High impact, low impact, wild and crazy, or a comfortable stroll...Take it at your pace and experience the Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park, the Golfito Forest Reserve, Zancudo Beach, Pavones Surf and the beautiful Golfo Dulce. Great amazing ocean views like The Golfito View by Eduard Films, offers a unforgettable trip to lovers of adventures and nature. Experience the REAL Costa Rica in the old port town surrounds- a laid back zone of both natural and cultural wonder Great adventures and plenty of opportunity for exploration wait here in Golfito and the Golfo Dulce areas of Southern Costa Rica. 

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

     Golfito Attractions like Osa Wildlife Sanctuary are a great option for adventures and explore Golfito with family and friends. Tucked in between the pristine jungle of the Piedras Blancas National Park and the Sweet Gulf waters off the Pacific Ocean we find a refuge for wildlife - a sanctuary where  a dedicated founder, local staff and once in a while, a lucky volunteer or two  care for and rehabilitate wounded, abandoned and rescued animals. If possible, they reintroduce the animals back into the wild to live the rest of their days in a natural and free existance.


         On this tour you'll be able to see the operation of the Wildlife Sanctuary in action, observing not only the 'resident animals', but often times enjoying sightings of neighboring species passing through the lush  jungle corridor surrounds.  Look for 3 or 4 kinds of monkeys, macaws, toucans, parrots, pacas, dart frogs and more.  At times the reserve has even been known to host wild cats in transition.  Some of these animals are guarded jealously, keeping them away from human interaction in preparation for successful life in the wild.  Others are in need of "hand care" due to injuries and disabilities. 

         And too often, some are permanantly socialized, having been donated or rescued from  inappropriate living situations with human interaction or entrapment taking away all natural instinct to fear us and live freely. On the lighter side, these comicly friendly animals tend to lend visitors some of the best photo opportunities! Take your camera and a 'dry bag' of essentials for your visit only.  Your arrival to the property will be by  water taxi and all other gear will kindly be left in the boat while you visit.  Expect a 45 minute boat ride each way originating from Golfito or Puerto Jimenez. 

$250 for Up to 4 Guests - Includes Round Trip Boat Transfers
( Additional Guests  are $25 each up to 7 passengers total )oat.

Tours offered daily at 10:00 a.m. 
Special Group Tours may be arranged with advance notice.

Full Sport Fishing Day

         Costa Rica's Southern Zone is home to the beautiful protected Golfo Dulce off the Pacific ocean.   Both Golfo Dulce ports, Puerto Jimenz and Golfito Bay, provide for a world class sportfishing experience. The local waters are perfect for off-shore and in-shore fishing. 
       Whether it's blue water adventure, fly fishing at the river mouths, rock fishing off Matapalo.... whatever your pleasure- Golfito area Captains are accomplished at finding the fish and "making it happen" for their clients.  Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow fin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and Grouper - all put up a good fight! Snapper, Roosterfish, Amber Jack, Snook and Yellow Tail are inshore favorites.  The majority of the fun is "Catch and Release" but many anglers bring home an abundace for the nights table as well.

      Chartered Boats are modern and high speed with full gear and Professional Captains. Lunch, snacks and cold beverages are included as well as your local fishing license. Typically boat capacity is 1 to 3 fishermen but luxury vessels are available for larger groups.
 Rates Vary depending on Boat and Captain.

Are you one of those who won't settle for anything less
then "the best" and you are doing the research to find that?  Well, you have just stumbled onto the TIPS you've been looking for. Charter Costa Rica's Champion!

In order to get more information about Golfito's captains and sport fishing opportunities out in the Golfo Dulce and the blue Pacific waters visit the following links. Get started with an exciting  fishing adventure in Golfito.


Casa Orchideas Botanical Garden

       Located at the beach, "Playa San Josecito", a surprising delight awaits you - One of the areas most popular and enjoyable tours! You 'll arrive by taxi boat across the Golfo plan for  an early morning start - a tranquil cruise to Golfito's rainforest coast of the Piedras Blancas National Forest. Search for dolphins, turtles or whales along the way.
       It's about 30 minutes to this remote palm studded beach and there you will find the exotic paradise home of the McAllister Family. With 20 years invested in this botanical wonder, Casa Orquideas is an awesome half day adventure for the whole family. Self taught botany enthusiasts with true expertise in tropical species, Ron and Trudy  will escort you through their magnificent gardens, spotlighting the incredible diversity.
     We believe the best day to make your visit to this incredible private garden is Thursday or Sunday, when the owners make themselves available to personally guide you through the trails, sharing a wealth of fascinating information as you stroll and take it all in.... Beginning at 8:30 a.m. and finishing just about midday. A very memorable experience!

       If you are fascinated with the idea of a visit to the gardens but can't make it on a Sunday or Thursday, a taxi boat can be arranged to suit your schedule. For a slightly reduced fee, the trails will be open for your self-exploration and enjoyment. This adventure should not be missed by photographers. Along the shore of the Golfo Dulce, the waters in route and the site of the gardens within the Piedras Blancas National Forest- There is a vivid and exotic array of colors, sights and textures!
       "This was not just a 'look at the flowers tour.'  We got a chance to touch, taste and smell the plants and fruits. Ok. That sounds strange.  But when you come across the "Ylang-ylang", you instantly recognize the famous scent of Channel #5.  This fragrant flower is the base for numerous perfumes. The fresh smells of vanilla beans or ginger root ... And we got to taste some of the unusual exotic fruits like the sweet pulp around the chocolate seeds, and the pulp around the magic seed which transforms the taste of lemons from sour to sweet.  Trudy explained about the unique and various ways tropical plants compete and reproduce and gave us practical and useful tips on medicinal plants; along with lots of comic and fascinating information and folklore.  We loved our morninig out there and look forward to going again and again!"

                                   Casey DeFoer,  Cruising Sailboat S/V Anastacia

$185 for "Up to 4 Guests" (Includes Round Trip Boat Transfer) 
Additional Guests  $10/each up to 7 passengers*Important: The prizes can change

In order to get more information about orchids in Golfo Dulce visit this web.


Fishing Local Style "for the table"

       When you live in an area as rich in marine life as Golfito, you might see a day on the water as 'serious business'.... Well, 'half serious business' anyway!  There's often a practical goal to getting out on the water for many of us - We're planning to bring home dinner!  Join one of the local boys aboard his well equipped panga-boat, the "Jet Sea" and enjoy a half a day of fishing all around the gulf.  Try your luck between mangroves and at the river mouths among his 'secret hot spots'.  Your captain, "Bolita", will take you where the fish live.   Snapper, Mackerel, Mahi-Mahi and Tuna are typical catch amongst others.

       If your staying in a local hotel, we'd be happy to arrange for them to whip up a few traditional side dishes and cook up your catch for you upon return to port !  If you'd like to BBQ it up for lunch on the Land Sea waterfront Deck, give us a "heads up" when booking and we'll make sure the grill is ready and delicious side dishes are prepard fresh for you when you return with the fish.... And of course! You are welcome to invite a few friends to bring beveridges and meet you on the deck to enjoy the catch with you.
 Fishing for 1 or 2 passengers:
$160 plus $10 for each additional passenger. Up to 4 persons maximum.

Patio BBQ: $10 set up fee plus $8 per person.  Fish must be delivered to the kitchen clean. We will provide yummy side dishes to accompany your fresh catch.
 Soft Drinks and Beer extra.

 Zip-Line Adventure:  A Rainforest Canopy Tour

         An exhilarating way to get to know the Primary Forest - from the true perspective of a canopy dweller! See it as the sloth, monkeys and toucans do - from 100 feet up 'flying' from tree to tree! 11 platform stations wind through the exuberant forested mountains over Golfito Bay exposing expansive views over the Pacific and close up looks at the canopy habitat inside and out.
         Under the care of a professional trained guide you will strap on your patented security harness and hook up to the network of cables and go!  At the conclusion  your tour, the staff will invite you to the farm for a cold pressed natural fruit drink for  refreshment and  short 'wind down' before heading back down the mountain.  It's a LOT of fun for all ages!  Don't miss this one!

$75 per guest ~ Free transportation up to the jungle canopy for groups of 5 or more.!
4x4 taxis can be arranged for the round trip at a rate of $60 (Individual Taxi prices may vary).

Hike to the Waterfall & Swimming Hole

     This local family owned and operated eco-trail tour is located on the Avellan Ranches surrounded by the Piedras Blancas National Park and the Golfito Wildlife Refuge. 

       Your guide will accompany you on an easy to  moderate loop hike of about 2 ½ hours total through the peaceful rainforest - ending at a crystalline waterfall. There are several refreshing natural pools to swim in. 
       The morning winds up at the family's outdoor dining area where you are treated to a "typical" full plate Costa Rican lunch prepared by the family.   or

What to Take?
Comfortable walking shoes you can get wet, swimming suit, towel, bug repellent, sun screen and your camera.

The tour includes transportation, entry fee, and luch for the amount of:

$30 per person 
(4 minimum)

Horsing Around in Puerto Jimenez

     What better transportation could there be for a day of goofing off while on vacation? Horseback??  Why of course!  Enjoy a half day exploring the hub of the Osa, Puerto Jimenez town center, the outlaying rural roads or the area beaches. Be on your own agenda instead of an organized tour. Go at your pace. Stop at the corner store for a snack or a cantina for a cerveza....Trot down to the waterfront for photos, up the back paths, back into town...It's your agenda. 

     For your safety and convenience, a mounted "Campo Cowboy" with local knowledge will chaperon you. If you'd like, he can lead you in directions he thinks you might enjoy. The gang will have a blast!  If you'd like, your adventure can include lunch or dinner at any of a number of Puerto Jimenez restaurants in town and a stop over at the local souvineer gallery before heading home.

Prices quotes are based on half day rides for Groups of 4 or more with mounted guide included. Discounts for children under 7 years riding 'double'.   $48 per horse plus $10 per child double rider.

Sorry, but adult dobles are not permitted.  Tips to the guide are optional , but recommended. This tour starts in Puerto Jimenez. Clients lodging in Golfito will take "the water ferry" from the local dock across the Golfo Dulce to meet their guide.  Water transportation is approx. $10 round trip each passenger.


Visit these links for more activities


The Paradise Tropical Garden

       The Beatham Family invites you to visit their tropical garden - a wealth of exotic species, both ornamental and medicinal.  Your host, Robert Beatham found himself in 'early retirement' when the Banana Company pulled out of Golfito in the 80's.  Having married and established his family here, he declined to go back to the U.S. or transfer to another banana port, and instead, followed his passion establishing his nursery on a prime corner here in Golfito. It didn't take long for him to realize that he was entitled to more leisure than a retail business would allow him and so he made the transition out to the countryside and began his current project of love in the early 90's, the "Paradise Tropical  Garden". 

       Robert is both fascinated by and knowledgable about the healing powers of raw, organic botanicals. He's a wealth of  information and will share samples and recipes and well founded folk-knowledge on a wholistic approach to treatement and healing. His farm includes a small operating  palm plantation  which is a part of the chain leading to our current #1 export crop out of the port of Golfito - Palm Oil.  He'll offer the chance for you to walk through and explain how that industry functions from seedling to processing.  And for you hobby gardeners, on this tour you'll  get the chance to consult with a renouned "green thumb" for tips and information on better tropical gardening back home. But the most fascinating part is the exhibition he will set up of the common and not so common plants you can go to for healing and medicinal purposes.  Many of which you already have in common gardens - who knew?

       The trail through the garden has wide, clean paths and plant species are well labeled.  Species you will see include:  heliconias, bromeliads, gingers, orchids, palms, bananas, bamboos, exotic vegetables, fruits, spices and medicinal plants. Robert has been a "king of the delicious fruit, Mamon Chino King, since 1980". Other tropical fruits you might get a chance to sample include: South American zapote, bread nut, peach palm, cassava, sugar cane and cacao.  

Tropical Garden Tour:  2pax      3pax       4pax      5pax      6pax
Transport /Entry:          $105       $140       $170       $200      $230

To get more information about this garden visit the following page.